Foundation and Blush

foundation and blush
We all try foundation around the age of high school, and we almost never get it right. The best way to create a smooth canvas is to start at the foundation. There are various types of foundation, so you may not have to use the thick liquid your mother uses. Now foundation is even an aerosol. Along with your foundation, we’ll talk about powder, bronzer, blush, and other facial makeup color to complement your skin.

Lip Color

lip color
Lip color is possibly the most overlooked makeup color in the bunch. Whatever lip color you choose can make or break your look. A bright red lip may not work well with your skin tone. A nude lip is a good place to rest, but not with a completely out-painted lip line. Lip liner is also not for everyone. Which color is right for you will depend on your skin tone and eye shadow choice.

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Eye Shadow

eye shadow
Eye shadow can be the downfall for most women. They don’t know which colors to choose or how to apply it. The right accents for your eye color will make all the difference. Not everyone can wear black, smoky eye shadow, or bright blue eyeliner. We’ll discuss when it’s appropriate to wear more eyeliner and mascara. An evening look is different from a day, business look. We’ll help you know what’s right for you.

Hair Tone

hair tone
If you change your hair color from dark brown to blonde, your makeup color will also need to change. A lot of the color that naturally appears in your skin comes from your hair color. If you’re a ginger, you'll want to stay warmer in your tones. If you’re a dark brunette, you’ll want to keep away from too light tones. It's important to know the differences so you understand what makeup color works best.